Saturday, October 17, 2015

Being Present

There are two rules for life.  Number 1: Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Number 2: It’s all small stuff.”  -anonymous

Martha wanted to make everything just perfect for Jesus’ visit: she made dinner, cleaned the guest room, and was still working even after He’d arrived.  Martha’s sister, Mary, operated very differently.  She sat at the feet of Jesus to listen to His stories.  Martha grew irritated, and asked Jesus to tell Mary to come help her work.  Jesus stated, “Mary has chosen what is better.”  Martha and Mary both loved Jesus, but Mary loved Jesus the way that He wanted her to.  Here’s the tie-in for our lives. Often times, doing things for the people that we love is a poor substitute for actually being present with them.  Let’s collectively decide that sometimes the best things we can do is simply BE PRESENT WITH those that we love, and no cell phones, worrying about items on our to-do lists, or strings attached.

Be still, and know that I am God! (Psalm 46:10, NLT)

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