Monday, January 26, 2015


“In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.”  - Louis Pasteur

The young boy, David defeated the 10-foot Goliath in battle, and this win propelled both his military career and fame across Israel.  To call this a lucky underdog story, however, may dismiss every way that David had prepared for this battle.  While he shepherded his father’s cattle, a ferocious lion and vicious bear attacked the cattle, so David beat them and fine-honed his sling shot ability in the process.  David didn’t just get lucky when he defeated Goliath, but rather by the time he faced this giant he’d become an expert slinger.  David’s lesson is true for us: the battles we face in life are opportunities to strengthen our abilities and prepare us for something greater.  We can’t be lucky in life if we don’t create the circumstances that allow us to succeed. 

The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD (Proverbs 21:31, NLT).

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