Thursday, May 8, 2014


“Every time you miss an opportunity to honor, not only does it hurt the other person but it also hurts you.”  –Steven Furtick

A few years ago I took a college summer course and was taught by a professor that greatly impacted me.  Not only did I learn each day, but also she encouraged me to have confidence in my academic abilities.  If I made a B or C on a paper, she’d take extra time to let me rewrite until I got it right and earned an A. (She didn’t get paid more to do this, but rather she honored the potential she saw in me.)  I went on to earn my undergraduate and master’s degrees to become a professor myself and the other day I guest lectured for her communication class.  I publicly honored and thanked her, telling her students, “Don’t just say thank you to people who’ve helped you but show thanks even if it’s just a small token of appreciation.”  I handed my professor a Starbucks Gift Card and I think this moment was even more rewarding for me than it was for her.  She’d honored me so I was absolutely thrilled to honor her.  Likewise, when you honor people then more often than not they will also honor you.  God’s flavor flows through people so when you bless others God will bless you. 

Then the way you live will always honor and please the Lord… (Colossians 1:10, NLT).

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