Tuesday, April 1, 2014


“Our deadlines don’t always fit God’s timeline.” –Mark Batterson

The year was 2000 and in the days leading up to Christmas I ripped the wrapping paper off the top corner of almost every present under the tree, to peek through until I found what I was looking for: Wrestlemania for N64.  I ripped open that package and played that video game until Christmas Eve before I rewrapped it and stuck it back under the tree.  How crafty of me!  The truth is, however, that I never quite enjoyed playing that video game as much as I thought I would because I felt a sense of guilt.  Conversely, I watched my sisters when they opened their gifts and I saw pure suspense and surprise.  I learned a valuable lesson: I wish I’d waited.  We very often want from God whatever we want right now, but we fail to understand why He chooses to take His time.  God wants to give good to His children in the right time and there are usually things He also wants to teach us while we wait.  Like me the temptation may be to take things into your own hands and force a situation that you need to give more time.  Instead of praying for ASAP (as soon as possible), let’s pray for ALAT (as long as it takes).  Say, “God, take as long as it takes to accomplish whatever You want to do in me so that Your will can be accomplished through me.”  

The Lord is good to those who wait for him… (Lamentations 3:25, ESV).

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