Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finding Your "Yes"

“What is success but the unwavering faith to pursue a dream in the face of all obstacles until eventually a door opens and you are where you were always meant to be.” –C. Nordyke

A problem with many is that they hear “no” one too many times and they become discouraged and start doubting themselves.  Before long they settle for less than what they are capable of.  You may get a hundred people tell you “no” but sometimes all it takes is one “yes.”  One “yes” and you’ve met the person of your dreams.  One “yes” and you have the money you need to start a small business.  Just one “yes” and you’re hired for a job with excellent benefits.  Doors can’t open to you however if you aren’t first knocking on them, so don’t stop knocking!   Also learn to be OK with the fact that some doors will be closed on the way to finding the doors that are open. 

Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you… (Matthew 7:7, ESV).

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