Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Be a Grower

You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.” -Abraham Lincoln

In my undergrad I took a writing class with a professor who was incredibly gifted in teaching.  There was just one problem; she was snarky, snobby, and sarcastic.  If a student was looking for a professor that would stroke their ego and tell them how smart they were then they had the wrong woman.  On the contrary she made many people feel stupid and put down.  As a result of this many students dropped out of her class.  I concluded that the knowledge I could gain from this woman was well worth the verbal abuse that I might have to sit through.  I wanted to grow.  Often times we must be intentional about growing, subjecting ourselves to forces that can help us, and this can be very uncomfortable.  What you need isn’t always a mentor that will coddle you, but one that will critique you.  To be a grower you will need thick skin so that your heart and mind can receive the benefits you are sure to gain. 

But grow in the grace and knowledge… (2 Peter 3:18, NLT). 

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