Thursday, May 2, 2013

Take Calculated Risks

“Don't allow any set back to become bigger than your come back” – Christine Caine

To win in the game of life people must more often than not, gamble.  To find love you have to put yourself out there in spite of possibly getting hurt.  Picking one job over the next is a calculated risk, because the job may not be right for you.  However, most of the time if there isn’t a risk then there isn’t a reward.  The problem is people have already tried and failed, so many all together quit trying.  Life’s setbacks cause them to settle and complacency kills their comeback.  It is a far greater risk to sit back to do nothing when you can get up do something.

To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away (Matthew 25:9, NLT). 

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