Friday, May 24, 2013

Here a Little, There a Little

“Doing a little bit every day is a lot more important than doing a lot some day.”  -John Maxwell

In high school, many are prone to procrastinating until the last minute because they know that eventually the work will have to be done to make the grade.  It’s a shame the rest of life doesn’t work that way.  There isn’t a teacher hassling us to do little things that we need to do.  To fulfill a life’s purpose, to bring a vision into fruition, to make a cloudy dream into a clear reality—we work on it a little each day.  Nobody is going to force us to do it.  We are self-starters and we just do it.  We may not have some day, but we do have today. 

…here a little, and there a little… (Isaiah 28:10, KJV). 

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