Saturday, February 2, 2013

How You Livin' ?

“As the excellence of steel is strength, and the excellence of art is beauty, so the excellence of mankind is moral character.”  –A.W. Tozer

Often we expect to face trials in life’s hard seasons, but your trial may actually come in an easier season.  You get a promotion, and pride has buy into the idea that it was mostly your wit and hard work that helped you to it.  You are afforded free time, but you spend it in sloth.  The Bible says, “Every good thing comes from God” (Jas 1:17).  The question I pose is: When you are blessed, what is your response?  Thankfulness is obviously essential, but thankfulness is more than empty words; thankfulness is a way of life.  In other words, who you truly are has less to do with what you say and more to do with how you live. 

Therefore humble yourselves [demote, lower yourselves in your own estimation] under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you (1 Peter 5:6, AMP). 

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