Friday, September 16, 2011

You Can't Grow What You Don't Sow

“You can’t grow what you don’t sow.” -Kevin Gerald

I enjoy working out with weights, and over the years I’ve learned that I can’t expect to sustain my health and grow in strength if I’m not first consistent with going to the gym and being disciplined with my diet. Healthy strength training isn’t just lifting while enjoying the moral-support of my workout partner, it's also about refraining from an immoderate amount of my favorite sweets. (Cheesecake and cinnamon rolls to name a few!) The physical health of our bodies is much like the spiritual health of our souls: It’s not just about attending church when the preacher is roaring and the choir has you soaring, it’s also about feasting on a heavy dose of God’s Word. You don’t just wake up one day a gladiator, at the gym or for the kingdom of God; you grind every day to become it.

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