Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Can Because I AM

What if life’s trials are God’s way of testing us? Perhaps He wants to know if we are really going to praise him in the good times and bad. If ever we feel alone, jaded, confused, or anxious—it can be become easy to question God’s plan for our lives. Maybe God has already promised His plan for your life. But in a world with fast food and drive throughs, that promise can’t come fast enough.

If ever we struggle with doubt, we must always come back to the place where we worship Him anyway. Trust that God will provide. In Luke 12:22, Jesus asks, “Can all your worrying add a single moment to your life?” Paul writes in Philippians 4:6, “Be anxious for nothing.” Easier said that done right? Well he wrote this while he was in prison.

We may not always get it now and fast, just ask Abraham. He wanted an heir, and at the ripe age of 75 God promised him a son. Well, come 11 years later he was pointing to his watch, letting God know that he wasn’t getting any younger. This resulted in Abraham and his wife Sarah deciding that he would take up and conceive with one of the midwives. This is where Ishmael came from. When God wasn’t working on Abraham’s schedule, he went out and tried making things happen for himself.

Sound familiar?

It wasn’t until Abraham was 100 years of age, 25 years after God’s promised, that God fulfilled His plan. Of course, Sarah bore Issac, the son that would carry out Abraham’s name across generations. It may take less or longer than this, but God will fulfill His promises to those follow Him. He’s never failed. Would you be willing to wait 25 years? I know I am.

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