Monday, July 25, 2011

Is It Time To Get "All-In?"

I was out on Lake Conroe yesterday and I watched an entire family try and get their dog to join them in the water. The kids were splashing around, enjoying themselves; and the mom and dad were working on the dog. Though they had it on a leash, the dog didn’t want to get away from them and go back into the world. However the thought of the big blue lake that extended for miles appeared to terrify the dog. Land is all it had ever known.

Sometimes we as Christians can be like that dog. God is always pulling on us. He won’t give us anything more than we can handle either. He just wants us to trust Him. Only through Christ Jesus can we have the richest life possible. We merely need the faith to get us there. Whether it’s our time, finances, a relationship—He wants it all.

The dog finally decided that it would at least test the waters by dipping its paws in the lake. However it refused to be all-in. We Christians can behave the same way. We throw a couple of dollars in the offering plate every other Sunday and we think we give. We pray over our Big Macs and think we pray. We neglect picture perfect opportunities to talk with people about the grace of God. We go to church and say a couple of “God bless yous” and think we’re good. Maybe we are good, but those people we didn’t talk to may not be.

For as long as I stayed to watch, that dog never got in the water. The family enjoyed the coolness and peace that came as part of the lake, and the dog continued to pant in the heat.

My prayer is that we as Christians step out in faith. That entire families serve and love the LORD in unison, knowing the fullness and joy of His purpose. If we can’t enjoy the good things in life, we won’t be able to handle.

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