Sunday, September 12, 2010

No More

I have grown tired of you

Your ways

The idolatrous tendencies

The vain ambitions

The self-servedness

I loathe you

For luring me in

For weighing me down

For letting you win

You have stolen years of my life

But no more

Fore I have found what I have been looking for

My Everything

Divine healer

Rock on which I stand

Bestower of countless blessings

Root of all that is good

Supplier of strength

Dispenser of discipline

Provider of peace

Words cannot begin to express how happy I am with God

So there you have it

We have grown apart

Or I grew up

Away from you


Know that we will never be cordial

I despise you

We are not adversaries

You are the enemy

We are not squabbling

We are at war

With God

I will fight you diligently

Though I will fall

Battles will be lost

I will get up

The war will be won.

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